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Engage more with your guests, and less with your screen

Your time is better spent with your guests, not learning how to use your PMS software. Sandman Hospitality Management System was designed to be simple, elegant, and inuitive to navigate.


Enjoy a unique, interactive experience

Click and drag functionality makes booking simple and fast. Click and drag to extend bookings too, or drag and drop bookings to anywhere on your booking grid.


Multi-facility management

Easily manage aspects for multiple facilities, including staff, rooms, seasons, rates, housekeeping and maintenance. Whether your facility is a hotel, B&B, hostel, campground, or standalone vacation rental, managing your rental units are a snap.


Payment integration with Stripe

Accept manual payments, or enjoy taking credit card payments securely through integration with Stripe.


Night audit automation

Don't do it the hard way. Automate booking reconciliations during night audit, like check outs, no shows, and room health updates.


Ultimate freedom

Because it lives in the cloud, Sandman is also highly accessible and portable. Cloud PMS means you can manage your business from virtually anywhere with a wifi connection.



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